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I bring you greetings on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of Independence Celebrations for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, a country with a strong tradition of democratic government and the rule of law.
We have achieved much in those short 41 years and the hard work and loyalty of our citizens must be commended.
As a nation, we strive for unity and love and this has a central theme throughout our history and, hopefully, into the future.

The Bahamas is a country of talented people and that makes us a force to not only be reckoned with, but to also be respected in the region and the entire world.

We produce national heroes that are international standard bearers and all of us should be proud of what our fellow countrymen are doing and what future generations are likely to accomplish.

The Bahamas is a wonderful country and our few years of independence belies the fact that we are a country of an ageless spirit of accomplishments and endeavour. Let these 41st Independence Celebrations be an example of how we as a people are able to recognize the past as we embrace the future.