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<Before you travel, please ensure that you …

1. Obtain a visa from the Chinese Embassy in Nassau. (If you plan to travel to Hong Kong, Macao or any other destination in Asia and return to China please make sure you have a multiple entry visa.  If you only have a single entry visa you will require another Chinese visa before you are allowed re-entry and this may take several days.  The Bahamas Embassy cannot assist you in obtaining the visa). 
2. Purchase comprehensive travel insurance
3. Keep a photocopy of your passport bio-data page, personal credit cards. (You
may also wish to alert your bank to your travels in Asia)
4. Bring sufficient funds
5. Provide a copy of your itinerary and contact details to your family/friends so that they can stay in touch with you


<While in China …

6. Temporary residence permit registration
Hotels automatically register their guests.  If you are not staying in a hotel while in China, please register at a local police post nearest to your temporary residence. Registration should take place within 24 hours upon arrival.
7. Visa Extension
If you need to stay in China beyond the duration permitted, you need to apply for a visa extension at the local Exit-Entry Admin Office:

<What to do if I lost my passport?

(a) Report the loss of your passport at the nearest police station (Public Security Bureau and request a police report/certificate (i.e. confirmation of loss report)
 (b) Contact the Bahamian Embassy to apply for a temporary travel
document, also known as “Emergency Travel Document”. The following are required for the application:
_ Proof of identity if possible (e.g. a photocopy of your passport)
_ 2 passport-sized photographs (instant photographs are acceptable)
_ Confirmation of loss report issued by the police station
_ Rmb300
(c) Upon issuance of the ETD and a note from The Bahamas Embassy proceed to the local Exit-Entry Admin Office to apply for an exit visa. The estimated processing time is about five working days.

<_ … I lost my money?

Contact your family or friends so that they can remit money to you through
Western Union. Once money is deposited at Western Union, a reference number will be provided. You can then collect the money from the nearest Western Union office to you by presenting your passport and quoting the reference number.

Alternatively, your family or friends can contact The Bahamas Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Division  at(65)-6379 8000 for further advice.

<Doing Business in China

Bahamian firms interested in entering the Chinese market ought to approach this issue with significant consideration and should proceed only after full and comprehensive research.


While the Chinese market is huge and has many niche markets which would welcome specialty Bahamian products,   there are considerable barriers to entry, and overcoming these can be a very expensive process.  One key requirement is that all imported pre-packaged foods must be labelled in both English and Mandarin (simplified Mandarin as used in mainland China).


As a first step interested businesses may wish to consult with the website for the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China (AQSIQ)  This agency has responsibility for approving all foodstuffs imported in China and this site will provide information on the process to have foods approved for import.  This can be a very lengthy and expensive process and, depending on the product, may take years even when you have a local importer/business partner.


Businesses may also wish to visit the site of the American Chamber of Commerce in China which has a great deal of information on the Chinese market   including some of the challenges involved in entering this market.


Before entering into partnerships with a Chinese company, Bahamian businesses should always verify the legitimacy of that company, i.e. ensuring that the partner is duly incorporated and registered with the Chinese government, and ensuring that the partner is licensed to conduct business in a particular field, if required by Chinese law.


Assistance in determining the bona fides of Chinese companies can be sought via a number of State agencies, a few of which are listed below.

The Ministry of Commerce of China (MOFCOM):


China Commodity Net (CCN):
(A listing created to facilitate international trade and co-operation by listing reputable Chinese companies and their specific expertise. The CCN also provides sourcing services, credit services and business invitation.)


World Importers Net (WIN):


China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair):
(One of the largest trade fairs held in China, the Canton fair takes place every Spring and Fall. Businesses can use the fair as an opportunity to evaluate some of the major local and international enterprises in the Chinese market)


China Foreign Trade Enterprises Top 500:
(A listing created by the MOFCOM that ranks top enterprises within specific industries.)

<Some Useful Contact Numbers

Essential Services in China
- Ambulance 999 or 120
- Fire 119
- Police 110
- Directory 114
- Weather 12121
- Time 12117

Transportation in Beijing
- Beijing Capital International Airport (86)-10-6454 1100
- Train (Beijing Station) (86)-10-5101 9999
- Train (Beijing West Station) (86)-10-5182 6273
- Taxi 96103

Medical Facilities in Beijing
- International SOS 24-hour emergency (86)-10-6462 9100
- Bayley& Jackson Medical Centre (86)-10-8562 9998/9990
- Beijing United Family Hospital (86)-10- 6433 3960