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The business community has come to realise that The Bahamas is truly a paradise for many reasons. This is not the least because of the stable and attractive investment climate the government has created to facilitate the ease and effectiveness of doing business in The Bahamas. Our skilled professional workforce, stable government and economy, sound legal framework, modern infrastructure, proximity to key markets and investment incentive policies are just some of the elements which create this ideal investment climate.

The attractiveness of a low-tax environment and a stable currency are enhanced by a series of investment incentives that provide relief from customs duties on approved raw materials, equipment and building supplies, as well as allowing exemptions from real property taxes for up to 20 years.

Areas targeted for Foreign Investment

• Touristic Resorts
• Upscale Condominium, Time share and Second Home Development
• Information and Data Processing Services
• Assembly Industries
• High-Tech Services
• Ship Repair and other services
• Light Manufacturing for export
• Agro-Industries
• Food Processing
• Mariculture
• Banking and other Financial Services
• Captive Insurance
• Aircraft Services
• Pharmaceutical manufacture
• Off-shore Medical Centres

*This list is not exhaustive and investors interested in areas not included here are encouraged to bring their interest to the attention of the BIA.