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The Commonwealth of The Bahamas has one of the world’s fastest growing ship registries.  Its long standing political stability and highly respected judicial system are two unique assets amongst open registries which make The Bahamas an increasingly preferred ship registry.

The Bahamas offers such critical and strategic advantages as:

• A central location with easy access and proximity to North and South American markets;
• World-class banking services; and
• Excellent telecommunications and transportation infrastructure; and
• Modern and up-to-date visitor facilities

Established on July 1, 1995, The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) is a semi-autonomous, government-owned corporation specifically designed to be responsive to the needs of the maritime marketplace.  Guided by advice from leading shipowners, the BMA is increasing staff, streamlining registry procedures, and instituting improvements in support systems.

The BMA’s focus is on:

• Ensuring that the standards are maintained on Bahamian Flag vessels at a level sufficient to ensure the highest reputation of the Bahamian fleet with Port States;
• Continuing the proven flexibility of manning vessels while ensuring that standards of certification and competency remain commensurate with STCW;
• Providing technical support to Bahamian Flag owners to ensure that questions concerning the technical facets of Flag requirements are answered in a prompt, courteous and helpful manner;
• Facilitating ease of registration and subsequent mortgage transactions for all ships;
• Ensuring prompt and effective casualty investigations; and
• Ensuring that exemplary contingency planning is available to respond to incidents which may occur on Bahamian Flag vessels.


[BMA Brochure]