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The Consular Section of The Bahamas Embassy, Beijing is empowered to:
•    Issue Bahamian passports;
•    Assist Bahamians who are in distress;
•    Authenticate legal documents for use in or outside The Bahamas;
•    Act as Notary Public for legal Documents to be used in The Bahamas;
•    Witness Affidavits of Bachelorhood;
•    Registration of Bahamian Nationals Abroad

As the Embassy is The Bahamas’ only Diplomatic mission in Asia, it is important for nationals to be registered with the Embassy in order to remain up to date with its activities and services, as well as to receive critical notification in the event of an emergency. Persons living in the Asia/Pacific region are asked to register with the Embassy as soon as possible by completing the Bahamian Nationals registration form which can be found by clicking documents.