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New Consular Service Fee



16th December 2015

The public is advised that amended fees for Consular services will take effect from 12 January 2016 as follows

Consular Service Fees




Administering an oath or receiving a declaration, affirmation or attestation




Authenticating or legalizing a signature or seal


   First signature/seal



   For Each additional signature/seal



   Excepting where this service is included under another fee




Supplying witnesses - for each witness or attestation




Initialing alterations in any document not prepared by the Consular Office (other than striking out of any inapplicable words in a form) or making exhibits - for each initial making




Making or verifying (including where necessary) a copy of a document:


   Processed outside the consular premises for over 100 words



   Made by photographic or photo static process if the copy is made in the consular premises for each page (with a minimum charge of $.5.00)



   Made by photographic or photo static process copies of treaty text for each page (with a minimum charge of $.5.00)




Uniting documents and sealing then fastening




Obtaining a legalization or other certification from another Authority upon and document in addition to cost if any




Supplying certified copies of documents forming part of the records of the courts of The Bahamas for every page with a minimum charge of $5.00




Preparing any certificate, declaration or document not otherwise provided for:


   in standard form per copy



   not in standard form per 100 words or less - in English



   in any other language plus costs if any




Preparing or signing (or both) a declaration or existence except in connection with pay or pensions payable by a department of the Government of The Bahamas




To process an application for a work permit and to verify and certify the presence of the applicant outside of The Bahamas




To process and application for a residence permit by the holder of the work permit and to certify and verify the presence of the applicant outside of The Bahamas




Prepare an apostille/ legalization of documents:


(a)Per document



(b) Same day per document



(c) Rush (wait while prepared) requests for documents



14. Issuing a Bahamian visa card for visiting The Bahamas



15. Issuing and where required preparing an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) or other document not otherwise provided for in lieu of a passport



16. Granting a visa


(a) For a multiple entry visa



(b)For a 3 year multiple entry visa



(c) For a single entry visa



(d) For a transit visa



(e) For a seaman's visa



(f) For a Diplomatic visa



or for any visa such sum being the equivalent of fees charged by the authority of any state for granting a visa to a citizen of The Bahamas as the appropriate agency directs to be taken for grant of a visa


17. Expedited Visa Fee (General)


(a) Expedited visa fee



(b) Visa facilitation fee



(c) Money transfer assistance for Bahamas Nationals abroad



18. Issuing a travel document of an kind for the time being sup pliable according to law where this Schedule provides for no specific charge nor for an exemption from any charge that is applicable to so doing



19. Making or forwarding (or both requests) or communication to any authority for a foreign state or Commonwealth country, Commonwealth colony, protectorate, protected state or trust territory for the issuance or renewal of a passport or other travel document or document of identity or for the grant of a visa or entry permit in addition to costs if any